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Ⅷ. Inspection and Trial Run of Grinding Wheel

Check grinding wheel against grinder

Always check that the rated RPM of the grinding machine is consistent with the peripheral velocity of the grinding wheel.The maximum operating speed of grinding wheel should exceed the peripheral velocity which is calculated from RPM. (Refer to the "Basic Knowlledge of Grinding Whee V")

Visual Inspection and Ring Test(Hammering Test) for grinding wheels

Visual Inspection

Perform visual inspection and check on the following issues before mounthing wheel.

・Cracking, chipping or damage
・Label and abnormality
・Foreign substances on the flange connection surface
・Propeller-shaped strain (for cut off wheel)

Ring Test (Hammering Test)

Perform ring test as described below before mounting wheel.

・Use wooden hammer or handle of screw driver for ring test.
・Vetrified wheels will emit a clear metallic ring, resin bonded wheels will sound dull.
・Continue rotating and tapping new spot, listening carefully each time to the sound that it makes, which should be an even.
・Wheels should be tapped gently.

*Ring test is not effective for the thin wheel (such as cutting wheel) or the wheel smaller than 100mm.

Trial run

Perform trial run as described below before starting operation.

Trial run

Perform trial run as described below before starting operation.

・Before switching on the machine, make sure not to stand directly in front of a grinding wheel.
・Perform a test run (no load) for at least 3 minutes when a grinding wheel is replaced.
・If there is no abnormality in the no-load running, then peform grind test. Check performance and grindability as well as safety.
・Before commencing grinding, perform a test run for at least 1 minute even though the wheel has passed the test run before.

For your safety, always operate a tool in accordance with all indications marked on the wheel and grinder, peform the inspection and trial run before use.

Basic Knowledge of Grinding Wheel