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Three principles regarding the handling of grinding wheel

Three principles regarding the handling of grinding wheel

All abrasive wheels are breakable. Although the resinoid wheel is more durable than vitrified wheel generally, there is still the possibility of breakage. Handle all grinding wheels as if they were made of glass.

Three principles

Storage method of grinding wheel

①Store in a dry place.

Store wheels on a suitable shelf in a dry place. Caution is needed for storing wheels made from resinoid, magnesium and PVA which will decrease its durability with humidity. Wheels should not be stored in a freezing environment.

②Lay wheels on pallet.

Store wheels on a pallet in the box; large quantitis of wheels should be laid out in a column. Large heavy wheels and small light wheels should be placed on the bottom and top shelf respectively.
Cut off wheels should be laid flat (upright position will cause warpage due to its thin structure).

③Store wheels on a suitable shelf.

The large quantities of wheels can be stored in a warehouse, small quantities of wheels and the wheels for daily use should be placed on the shelf.


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