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YAKESHIRAZU GOLD (Anti Burning Lubricating Block)


  • A lubricating solves a clogging wheel and increases a grinding force.
  • A heat absorption brings the reducing a heat of workpiece so a burn of workpiece is prevented.


  • Solving a clogging wheel and preventing a burn of workpiece at grinding and polishing works.

For the works
◇Having a problem for a burn of stainless steel.
 A heat absorption prevents burn of workpiece by reducing a heat.
◇Having a problem for a clogging wheel at grinding work for alumium.
 A lubricating solves a clogging and accelerates sawdust exhaust.
◇To a person need to grinding force.
 A lubricating brings sawdust exhaust acceleration and increases grinding force.


Size(mm) Content Packing
Inner box ×(Outer box)
Production code
127(120)x60(53)x37 190g 1PCS.×10(10PCS.) YSG1276037

Product Code

◆The size of the product becomes in the parenthesis depending on a measuring part because it is a plateau type.

How to use

1.Please use spreading the product on grinding wheel.
 ●Please touch the product to rotating grinding wheel.
2.Please use spreading the product on a workpiece.  


YAKESHIRAZU GOLD (Anti Burning Lubricating Block)


YAKESHIRAZU GOLD (Anti Burning Lubricating Block)_Package

Safety Instructions

CAUTION!  For your safty, read safety instructions very corefully.


  • Always wear safety equipments such as safety glasses, dust mask, ears protection and protective gloves.
  • Wash away with flash water enough immediately without rubbing if got into eyes or attached to skin.
  • Always use under good ventilation.
  • Beware it may spatter during use.
  • Wipe off product's oil in waste after sprinkling calcium carbonate if you coat or paint at same place after use.


  • Don’t keep in high temperature place. It may catch fire.
  • Don’t eat. Keep children away from.
  • Don’t aspirate its dust. Allergic symptom may be caused.
  • Don't use in other purpose except acceleration of grinding and polishing work.
  • Don't keep under direct sunlight, high temperature and humid place.


  • The product does not include abrasives. It made from only oil and fats.
  • The product's oil can eliminate by wiping it off in a waste after sprinkling calcium carbonate powder.
  • The product may attach to safety cover of grinder. In addition, attachment of it may fall in a workpiece by heat of grinding or polishing works.
  • After grinding works, the product becomes attaching to grinding wheel and workpiece.